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Empowered Path

Course Interest and Social Media Marketing

Chantal Fraser, the entrepreneur behind Empowered Path, acts as a thought partner, helping clients navigate their careers effectively.

The Challenge

To increase interest in Empowered Path's courses and enhance social media marketing strategies. Empowered Path invested in:

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Developed a comprehensive marketing plan, highlighting the local aspect of the brand and featuring the owner prominently.

Sales Funnel Campaigns

Implemented sales funnels to guide potential customers towards membership.

Custom Campaign with Social Media Content

Focused on showcasing the owner's story and the gym's community engagement, making the brand more relatable.

The campaign unfolded from May to July 2023, spotlighting Chantal's unique insights and the transformative potential of Empowered Path's courses.

The Results

During the campaign, Empowered Path witnessed a 37.6% surge in average daily impressions and a 44.4% increase in average daily engagements on LinkedIn, compared to the pre-campaign period. These metrics underscore the campaign's success in expanding Empowered Path's online footprint, solidifying brand recognition, and cultivating a more engaged and diverse audience.

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